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Things to Do in Santorini



Exploring Santorini…


Hiking Trail Fira – Oia

Hiking from Fira to Oia can be done in around 4 hours, but the memory of the views along the way will last a lot longer. It’s likely you could complete the hike in less time, but we’d be very surprised if you could complete it without making plenty of stops to take some snaps of the scenery. Travelling through several different areas, the hike winds past churches, undeveloped terrain and residential areas, giving you a feel for the real Santorini.


Ancient Thera

If you’re a avid outdoors-y type, we’d tell you to pop on those hiking boots and make the steep ascent up to this ancient site. Alternatively, if you’re here for the view and beauty of these ruins – and not for getting out of breath, catch the bus that takes ou up most of the route. The ruins of ancient Thera are truly huge and incredible, so we recommend taking it at your own pace and taking in this incredible structure built in the days of Ancient Greece.


 Akrotiri Archaeological Site

Similar to ancient Thera, Akrotiri boasts history and beauty in every corner of its historic grounds. A more contained site than Thera, the grounds have been maintained to an exceedingly high standard. Considering the age of these relics, they’re in pretty good shape in our opinion. If you want the full story of the site then a guided tour will provide all the colour you need, and we highly recommend sticking around for sunset – something not to be missed.


Wineries in Santorini

Santorini is famous for its wine and there are a number of wineries on the island where you can get a real taste for it. Two of the most popular wineries are Santo winery and Venetsanos winery. Of course, both wineries offer all-important tasting sessions which are best enjoyed alongside the authentic Greek platter and aperitifs also on offer.


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