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Santorini - Kamari beach


 Kamari is a coastal village, situated on the southeastern coast of Santorini, is situated right next to the mountain Mesavounoat at the north foot of mountain, about 10 kilometers away from the capital of Fira. You can access it without difficulty by bus, taxi or rental car. Its name comes from a small arch  (Greek: Καμάρα, Kamara), which was part of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to Poseidon, standing on the south end of the beach.

The village has modern infrastructure with a plethora of amenities and holds the airport of Santorini. There is a long promenade for a pleasant stroll overflowing with restaurants, taverns and cafe-bars where you can relax and enjoy the sea breeze, also you can find souvenir-shops, bakeries, pharmacies, etc. As well You have the chance to listen to traditional Greek live music. What is more, the only cinemas of the island are in Kamari, one of them a charming open-air cinema surrounded by trees.

The main attraction is the Kamari beach, the most popular of the island that has been awarded the Blue Flag. It is clean and well-organized with deck chairs, umbrellas and lifeguards. It is miles long, lying under the captivating mountain, owning crystal clear waters and uncommon black sand and pebbles. Without a doubt it creates an awesome sight. There is a scuba diving school for lessons and snorkeling and you can try a variety of water sports, too.

On the top of Mesa Vouno lies an important part of the history. The archaeological site of Ancient Thera (Greek: Αρχαία Θήρα) is a momentous landmark of Santorini where the temples, ancient cemeteries, buildings and the theater will awe you, along with the fascinating view.It was named after the mythical ruler of the island, Theras, and was inhabited from the 9th century BCE until 726 CE




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