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The begining

Blue Dream is a complex of 5 luxury holiday apartments just 3 min walk from the famous black beach of Santorini, Opened in summer 2016, as a family business and we have given the best possible of us to this business so satisfied all our guests and make them feel as home. Cleanliness, staff and location make Blue Dream the best choice and best value of money for your holidays. The location is strategic as it is situated in a quiet area of Kamari but at the same time in a 5 min walk you are in the center, cosmopolitan Fira the capital and the airport is just 10 min driving. Also Beautiful Greece Travel is our tour agency ready to show you all the best of Santorini in special for our guest prices We are waiting for you, and we will make sure that your holidays will be the best of your life Dino & Sandy
Dino & Sandy

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Our beach is about 4,5 km long and 200 m large, it is a black beach totally covered with pebbles, gradually thickening towards the sea. The sea in Kamari has a livid look because of a sedimented deep sea bed that let you swim near the shore. The promenade is full of bars, restaurants, shops, minimarkets, ouzerie and gyros takeaways.

Ancient Thera

(By foot 45min to the top / by car 10min)
Ancient Thera is an ancient city and capital on a ridge of the steep, 360 m high Messa Vouno mountain in Santorini. It was named after the mythical ruler of the island, Theras, and was inhabited from the 9th century BC until 726 AD. The ancient city consisted of a street almost 800 m long and especially wide for its time extending in a southeastern direction and containing several imposing buildings. A small cul-de-sac branches off at right angles and at its termination, high up on the mountainside, were the headquarters of a garrison stationed in the city. After about 200 meters of street the city expands to cover an area of about 100 x 100 meters on an exposed plateau high above the rocky coast. Residential areas are grouped around an Agora which is across from a theater built into the lower slope. Separated off and facing the sea at the eastern tip of the plateau is a small sacred area with temple grounds and public facilities. All buildings are constructed of the local limestone of the mountain itself. Wood was rare on the island and seldom used for building.

Watch the Sunset

Santorini is a magical island known for breathtaking landscapes, stunning sunsets, whitewashed buildings, and blue-domed churches. Not to forget, the red beaches and clear blue waters await to give you an excitement overload! Here’s a complete guide to help you plan a fun-filled trip to Santorini. A trip to the island is never complete without exploring the following attractions! The Greek island is known for its incredible sunsets. To experience it at its best, you must go to Oia. Standing at the top of a ruined castle near the windmill, you’ll witness a magical sight that will leave you spell-bounded when the sun goes down the horizon. Just a heads-up, if you visit in the high season, you may find yourself jumping over a train of heads to get a glimpse of the sunset. The Akrotiri lighthouse is a great alternative place to experience the remoteness of the sunset. Enjoy some quality time with your loved one, looking at a boat sailing into the setting sun at this relatively less crowded spot. Another perfect way to experience the natural beauty and stunning sunset of Santorini is by joining sunset cruises. Choose your favorite tour and vessel for an unforgettable experience!

Enjoy a Catamaran Cruise around the island

The Catamaran cruise is another must-try thing in Santorini, especially if you’re on a short trip. Get a chance to explore all the top attractions of the island as well as enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters of Red Beach and White Beach. Delve into delicious Santorini food while looking at the magnificent views of the caldera cliffs and volcanic island.

An amazing Walk at Oia, Pyrgos, and Fira

Caldera is one of the most beautiful sights in Santorini. Created after a huge volcanic eruption, this island stands on a cliff. Rejuvenate your soul with a walk around whitewashed houses in daylight. The nightlife in Caldera is also amazing, creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night out. You can also enjoy a walk to the nearby villages, including Pyrgos Castelli and Oia. If you’re an adventure enthusiast, you’ll love hiking from Fira to Oia while admiring the beauty of Caldera. You can spend some time in Oia, the most picturesque village of Santorini. You’ll find yourself dancing among pearly white buildings and blue-domed churches. It is the ideal place to unwind and enjoy the peace, saying goodbye to all your worries. Also, every view makes for a perfect backdrop for your pictures.Pyrgos is yet another popular village of Santorini that offers panoramic views of both sides of the island. It features stunning views of green valleys, blue seas, and architectural structures.

Visit Volcano and Enjoy Swimming in Hot Springs

A volcano tour is the best way to indulge in the rich volcanic history of the island. It is the perfect activity for thrill-seekers to get the adrenaline rush of hiking up the famous volcano as well as swimming in the healing waters of hot springs. Several boat tours allow you to swim in the therapeutic waters while enjoying appetizing food and drinks. You’re bound to have the time of your life on a boat tour with your family or friends!

Swim in the Black Beach

If you’re on a romantic trip with your partner, Perivolos beach is a must-visit spot. This lively beach offers the ultimate retreat for relaxation and entertainment. Covered in black sand and sparkling waters, it also invites adventure lovers to engage in thrilling water sport activities, such as Jet Ski Safari. Here you will find the most beach bars on the island playing loud music all day long. On the other hand, if you want to spend quality time with your family near the waters, Perissa or Kamari beach is the answer! This place offers a heartwarming view with crystal blue water dancing over the sandy sea bottom. This beach offers comfortable facilities and luxury amenities to make your family trip memorable.

Experience Unique Hues on the Red Beach

Located near Akrotiri village, the Red Beach is a top attraction in Santorini. The red-colored steep hills, cliffs, and sands create wild scenery. The red pebbles in the sea complement the crystal blue waters and make an exquisite palette of contrasting colors. Several catamaran cruises sail near the Red Beach, offering you the pleasure of swimming in clear blue waters of Santorini!

Delish Dinner at Ammoudi

Ammoudi is a unique spot in Oia famous for its hospitality and delicious food. You’ll find plenty of fish tavern there that serve fresh fish for all those crazy seafood lovers. There’s no dining experience better than enjoying a platter of seafood and local recipes while taking in the majestic beauty of Santorini island. Make sure you treat your taste buds with the best-tasting food in Santorini while being surrounded by welcoming people. You can even swim in crystalline waters or go diving if you dare!

Go Wine-Tasting at Santo Wines

Another thing that every tourist must know about Santorini is that it has incredible wine! You can enjoy premium-quality wine at one of the finest wineries located in Pyrgos village. You can taste a variety of wines in a well-decorated outdoor space while enjoying lounge or live music. This spot gives you a dreamy view of the breathtaking Caldera, the volcano, and the mighty Aegean Sea. If you’re thinking of bringing your partner here, you should consider visiting in the evening when the place gets really romantic with the sunset colors. You can join one of the many bus tours that take you to different wineries for wine tasting.

Visit the Charming Prophet Elias Monastery

Several churches are scattered over Santorini Island. You will find everything from small chapels to large monasteries. One major attraction is the Prophet Elias Monastery that resembles a fortress from outside. Apart from its rich history, it is known for being the highest point from where you can admire an exclusive view of Santorini. The monastery is surrounded by four small chapels and is one of the best places to take photographs.

Akrotiri Excavations

Several churches are scattered over Santorini Island. While you are in Santorini, you will regret not taking the opportunity to see the excavations of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri. You can actually walk through the debris of this well-maintained town and be transferred to the prehistoric era. It is a must-visit place for people who find pleasure in learning about history and exploring archeological sites. Some important finds are also exhibited and you can admire them at the Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira. Several routes take you to the historical site. The best way to make the most of your trip is by joining a bus tour, as it gives you a chance to explore the natural beauty of Santorini as well as learn about its rich history.

Taste Local Cuisine

The fertile land of Santorini Island produces unique products that are known for their mouthwatering taste. The secret lies in the volcanic nature of the land. Your trip to this island will be incomplete without visiting a traditional tavern to taste local dishes, such as fava,dolmades, tomato fritters, melitzanosalata (made from white eggplants), Greek salad with capers and our famous Santorini wine. You must also go to a sea tavern to try fresh fish and seafood while enjoying majestic views of the island. As a food lover, you will love Greek cuisine, as it is extremely tasty. And the fresh products of Santorini just take it a step further! Besides, you’ll get a chance to meet and blend in with locals and enjoy the warm Greek hospitality. To relish your trip to the fullest with amazing dining experiences, make sure you enjoy food and drink tours. Combining the pleasure of eating and traveling will just make your vacation extraordinary!